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The Power of Meditation, Moving Meditation!

In a recent article released by Tai Chi Basics, they explore the power of meditation and your self-care. For many people it is difficult to sit and be still, or they may have been sitting for hours all day and they really need to get moving, more sitting is not appealing.

This is where Tai Chi comes in. The moving patterns in Tai Chi are a form of Moving Meditation. That is, you gain the quietness, deep breathing, and centered feeling while flexing, strengthening and spiraling the body. This approach enhances the communication between organ systems, creates whole-body movement patterns that strengthen the way you move as you age or lead a sitting lifestyle at work or home, and deepens the breath.

What are the benefits of moving meditation? Calm the monkey mind, stretch and strengthen the muscles and tissue of the body, create a storage center of energy to use throughout your day, to ease sleep challenges, to moved the breath deeper into the body for mental clarity and system support, release of tension in areas that may have been problems for years (neck, shoulder, hip, back, lower back, hamstrings, ankles), restless legs, and more.

Join a class today, celebrate with us on World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day April 29th, and join us in the park all summer long.

Here is the link to the Meditation article by Tai Chi Basics…put Tai Chi on your wellness plan!

Tai Chi for Mental Health and Chronic Stress

Just this week I heard several people refer to the anxiety and stress they were feeling about daily things, and that this was a result of Covid, getting older, or they had always had the challenges. They accepted their fate and were prepared to carry on.

What if you didn’t have to accept anxiety and stress as a paralyzer in your daily activities? What if you could change your body, mind and emotions to release stressful thoughts or behavior patterns, or even body postures related to the expression of stress or anxiety?

Check out this latest blog written by our Board member, Michelle Greenwell, about the science of Tai Chi to support and change the body, mind and emotional reactions to stress and anxiety. The science and thousands of years support the idea that we can change our daily opportunities and we can change how we feel, act and support our posture daily.

If you haven’t joined us for a FREE Tai Chi class yet, now is the time. Take a look at our schedule. We would love to show you how simple and easy Tai Chi can be to completely change your day and the way you feel.

Creating Self-Care options through weekly gatherings