Seeking a way to heal myself, I started Tai Chi 27 years ago and realized amazing results in a short time.  Under many different instructors, I continued learning and became an instructor to continue the tradition of sharing the healing powers of Tai Chi with students in Alberta, B.C. and Nova Scotia.  Following several years of additional training and instructing, I developed the ability to identify others’ hurts and teach them in a way that allowed them to change and effect improvements and in some cases recover dramatically.

I train with several learned mentors and now pass on the forms Master Moy gave us to bring solace to the Mind, Body and Soul in ways no other process can.  The benefits students find in each of the forms of Tai Chi, Lok Hup and Sabre are so rewarding to witness; and to see the joy others have with those physical/mental changes is my personal high and why I continue to instruct several classes a week.



These are the short listed words people use to describe Yvonne.  After running her own businesses for many years, publishing books and commissioning and selling her artwork, there is no keeping up with this amazing mother and grandmother.  With 26 years of experience learning and teaching Tai Chi, Yvonne’s quiet, gentle approach has helped many find relaxation, healing and unexpected energy from Tai Chi. She always finds ways to make it fun and social and people in her groups are eager to keep coming back for the friendship.

More recently, she has focussed on the seated form of Tai Chi and how it can be used to strengthen, heal and inspire those students with limitations and challenges.  She continues to expand these programs for all Tai Chi enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of what can be learned by the seated form.


Michelle Greenwell has been a student of Tai Chi since 1996.  Over the years she has trained with many different Moy Tai Chi Instructors and became the lead Instructor with Tai Chi Cape Breton in 2010.  Her passion for understanding how the body works and the incredible benefits that Tai Chi provides, keep her inspired to learn more and do more.

Completing her Master of Science degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the spring of 2019, her area of focus included the micro movements that Tai Chi provides and how that can change the wellness and activity of individuals who engage in the art form.  Always striving to expand her knowledge, she is continuing her studies at Akamai University in the Doctoral program for Integral Health.  She brings a different perspective to Tai Chi classes with her use of intention, understanding of structure, experience with the form and her passion for sharing.   902-945-2967
Mabou, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitator, Tough for Health Instructor, Enrichment Lecturer
BA Psych, Msc Energy Dynamics, Doctoral Candidate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine at Akamai University
Dancer, Choreographer, Director at Dance Debut Inc.
Instructional Member of Tai Chi Cape Breton and Wine Country Tai Chi