About Our Tai Chi

Established in early 2014, the Wine Country Tai Chi Society is an independent,  non-profit , non- religious society teaching and practicing the Tai Chi forms developed by Master Moy Lin Shin to promote health and vitality by experienced, qualified volunteer instructors.

Membership is open to anyone wishing to enhance their health and fitness.

 Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise that consists of graceful and slow movements that relax and strengthen body and mind.

Watch energy, vitality, mobility and confidence flow back into your life.

 With simple, effective and fun weekly classes, you can

 √ Increase balance

√ Improve energy and vitality

√ Increase circulation and warm hands and feet

√ Gain more flexibility in joints and muscles

√ Improve concentration and memory

√ Increase lymphatic flow

√ Open the lungs

√ Find new friends

Tai Chi, at your pace, for your ability, to maximize your health!