Welcome to Wine Country Tai Chi Society

 Have you heard the phrase …. “Use It or Lose It”?

As we get older, we have to keep moving to be mobile and flexible, therefore

Consider Tai Chi 
sometimes described as “Meditation in Motion.”
  The ease and flow of Tai Chi movements help energize and rejuvenate the body naturally, stretching and relaxing muscles and tendons making them and the joints more flexible.  Tai Chi has been known to increase balance, strength, coordination and memory. 

So what have you got to lose?  Join us today for a class.

We offer both standing and sitting forms of Tai Chi,  Lok Hup and Sabre to relax and strengthen body and mind.  Recent studies indicate that Tai Chi may help with a range of movement challenges, such as pain, arthritis, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, M.S., digestive challenges, asthma, cancer, sleep challenges, injury and more. 

While the earliest forms developed in ancient China were for self defence they eventually evolved into graceful exercises that are now used for stress reduction and to help with a variety of health conditions.
Practiced by millions of people over the centuries, Tai Chi has been proven beneficial to both body and mind.
Tai Chi can be practiced anywhere, anytime, with no need for special gear or a change of clothing.
The regular practice of Tai Chi with the help of qualified instructors can have significant health benefits.  All of our instructors are continually improving their Tai Chi and their instruction capabilities.

The Bottom Line on Tai Cnhi – you don’t have to be a world class athlete to practice Tai Chi. The movements are slow, flowing and gentle to the body and can be adjusted for any physical limitations.

Wine Country Tai Chi Society is a non-religious and non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to promote the practice of Tai Chi for relaxation and health.

Contact:  Doug or Yvonne Waines 778-755-0987