WCTC Events for 2024

Information on upcoming events are posted here.  These events typically include Tai Chi activities out of the class or workshops. Stay tuned for upcoming events in 2024.

January Workshop with Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Even though temperatures plummeted, we warmed up with a very successful and informative Tai Chi workshop with Dr. Michelle Greenwell on January 13, 14 and 15. We learned how to revitalize our core; unleash power in Tai Chi, Sabre and the Lok Hup Sets, as well as unlocking tension through the Tai Chi Movement Pattern.

This was capped off by an entertaining Saturday evening with David Hickey and a Crystal Bowl Concert.

Tai Chi Workshop with Boon Loh – May 11th and 12th, 2024

Mark your calendars. More details to follow.

The following pictures are from our Wine and Chi events in 2022.

Photos from Off the Grid, Ciao Bella and Rollingdale Winery Wine And Chi Events