WCTC Events

The Tai Chi Wellness and Seated Form Video series has been launched by Yvonne and Doug Waines, along with Michelle Waines Greenwell.  Releasing one video per week, they have over 30 weeks to share special topics, techniques and exercises with you.

  • Learn how Tai Chi can benefit you
  • How your movement will change with Tai Chi
  • Self care tools for your personal growth

Where can you find the series?

The video series is FREE on YouTube:  “Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series.”  You can also learn more about tai chi both the standing and seated form on our Facebook page too!

Providing you with self-care, energy, vitality and joy in how you move!

To book a workshop, retreat or class with us, please send a message to info@dancedebut.com with Tai Chi Wellness in the subject line.