“Tai Chi is most effective if  you try to join twice a week.  You enjoy the progress from week to week and month to month…. a progress just for you.  This is not a team sport although we all move together, but a gift to you and your health solely.  You take out as much as you put in as is true in many situations in life.  There is no pressure only your own expectations.

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I think I can say without hesitation that one of the greatest benefits I have had from Tai Chi is BALANCE.  Numbness in my feet and lower legs from spinal stenosis had weakened feeling in my legs but Tai Chi has regained a lot of the sensitivity I had lost since my operation in 2014 for that symptom.

Video Testimonial for Back and Hips

Here are some of the things that Tai Chi has helped me with over the years.  In general the smooth and flowing movements has made me think about the tension in my shoulders and neck.  The need to concentrate on shifting weight on my feet helps my balance and walking.  It is helping to delay the progression of the neurological disease (CMT) I suffer from.  Also I benefit from the concentration needed to follow the Tai Chi set.  At the age of 85 and having practiced seated Tai Chi for several years, I have found that my flexibility and particularly my balance has improved remarkably.  Chris

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” I am 77 years old and I have been doing Tai Chi for over five years.  It has made a big contribution in keeping me moving.  My co-ordination and balance have improved.  I feel fitter ….too bad it doesn’t help deafness!. ”   Dick

Video Testimonial from the Gellatly Nut Farm near the lake

Tai Chi has helped me a lot in the past and also has helped at this time, emotionally, you and the group are all so caring and when you live alone that means so much.   Grace

Video Testimonial for Shoulder pain

“In 2011 I had a stroke and the hard work began.  I could not write, talk clearly and my balance was not good.  I went through a year of working on getting better.  I had my husband write out my signature and I traced it until I could sign my name … he did the same with numbers.  I read the newspaper from cover to cover to hep my speech, but my balance was not good and I felt like I was going to fall all the time. 

Video Testimonial for Balance, Mental Clarity, and Community

Then I met Yvonne in 2015 and she talked about how Tai Chi could help me.  I thought I can’t stand on one leg and she informed me that she teaches a sit down class with all the benefits of stand up Tai Chi, only in the sitting form.  I went to my first class and was excited how good it felt and how much better I was.  Two years later and I wouldn’t miss a class, as my balance has improved to where I no longer need a cane to go out and I am confident I won’t fall.  My whole body feels better, as well as my mind.  We do exercises that help to build up the muscles and I have noticed how my whole body has responded in a positive way. 

The people you meet are great as we break for tea and have a chance to talk and of course do a little laughing, which is always a good thing.  Yes, I love my Tai Chi and my goal is to make it to the standing class and be able to complete a full set.”   Karen

I have been away from the sitting Tai Chi for 4 weeks and have noticed that my balance and energy are much worse.  I am very excited about going back as I feel they will improve.  I am almost 86 years old so age doesn’t matter!   Hazel

Tai Chi has benefited my health in many ways.  Emotionally, I look forward to the classes with positive, supportive, kind, patient teachers.  Physically, overall I feel better about my body.  My stamina, balance and coordination have improved significantly.  My muscles have strengthened and I am definitely more flexible.  I believe that over time, consistent morning stretching exercises, that I learned in Tai Chi, have alleviated my knee pain.  Spiritually, when I leave class, I feel happy, reenergized and grateful to my teachers, fellow participants and to myself for showing up.  Eileen

One of the reasons I joined Tai Chi was because of my physical and mental health.  I’m over joyed at the progress I am making with my coordination and memory.  The work out is not abrasive or stressful for me.  I find two hours just right for the sitting Tai Chi, first hour warmup and second concentration and memory.  I follow you on YouTube most mornings, but I find class instruction is a must.  I’ve always loved physical exercise so I am pleased I have it with Tai Chi.  Betty

I started in Master Moys Tai Chi form in 1993.  I suffered from extreme asthma and allergies and as a result was taking multiple daily doses of steroid inhalants and monthly shots of anti-histamine.  Within 1 year of multiple weekly practice sessions of Tai Chi, the allergies were gone – no more shots and within 2 years I no longer used any inhalant. I believe Tai Chi has transformed my health to above average good health and has given me excellent body strength and flexibility of a person 20 years younger.

Today I weekly practice Tai Chi several hours as it is my meditation and exercise time rolled into one.  I heartily recommend it to anyone no matter the health or physical condition – starting at any age works.  Doug

I enjoy Tai Chi because of the gentle movements of the exercise which helps strengthen my core and greatly helps with my balance.  It also helps with arthritis and neck pain.  As well, I find when I am doing a set I can completely focus on the movements and stop the chatterbox in my brain, so that I feel mentally refreshed afterwards.  Linda

I first joined Tai Chi because I wanted to meet people and improve my health.  I no longer go to the Chiropractor every week.  My balance is so much better.  Marge

I missed doing Ta Chi for over six months and was very surprised how the “muscle memory” kicked in after returning and doing only one set.  I had heard about the “muscle memory”  Eva

Since joining Wine Country Tai Chi 2 years ago, the journey has been very rewarding in every aspect.  After 2 knee replacements and back surgery with osteoarthritis, the improved mobility, balance, posture, pain reduction and general feeling of well being have been significant.  The enthusiasm of the club members and volunteers, combined with the caring, safe practices (ie., re Covid), knowledge and professionalism of the instructors is something we anticipate with gratitude on our way to every class!  Dean 

Tai Chi has offered me many smaller benefits that, together, become life-changing.  Although these include meditation, balance, concentration, and strength, I’d like to also mention my feet!

I’ve always tended to pronate which has negatively impacted my hips and lower back.  Tai Chi has helped me to use the whole foot.  This improves my balance when standing and softens my stride when walking.  As a result, pain in my hips and lower back has significantly lessened.  Peter

Tai Chi really helps me with my balance and it is very good exercise.  Lin

I come to Tai Chi hoping to improve my balance as well as memory.  A very good way to meet new people.  Mary

Tai Chi has provided many benefits.  Balance is much better, as well as focus.  The energy from the group is wonderful.  The Instructors are great and very supportive and helpful.  It is a great place to be.  Carmella

It brings me peace and joy!  Ruth

I have been practicing Tai Chi for over eight years. I use the movements to keep fit and healthy, after several years of playing soccer and distance running. At the age of 84 years I feel that I can continue with Tai Chi for the rest of my active life. Allan

I have been attending Tai Chi classes for a few years now and have now learned an appreciation for the gift of peace and calmness it has offered me. Jane

I believe I wouldn’t be as mobile and pain free at times if I didn’t take part in Tai Chi, especially during Covid. Taking part helped me through mental and physical issues, specifically my lower back Pam

I spent years with chronic back pain, neck pain and muscle spasms which resulted in headaches as well. After my first year of Tai Chi, I realized that I no longer needed treatment for these conditions as Tai Chi made a big difference in my life as well as helping with stress and anxiety. At this point, I made a life long commitment to have Tai Chi in my life. Yvonne