Demonstration Videos

While demonstration videos are not a replacement for an instructor, they are useful to supplement classes and home study.

The Tai Chi Wellness and Seated Form Video series has been launched by Yvonne and Doug Waines, along with Michelle Greenwell.  Over 30 episodes are available to share special topics, techniques and exercises with you.

  • Learn how Tai Chi can benefit you
  • How your movement will change with Tai Chi
  • Self care tools for your personal growth

The video series is FREE on YouTube:  Tai chi and the seated form series  

Master Moy Lin Shin demonstrates his Tai Chi Set on YouTube:  Master Moy Demonstration

To review particular movements from the 108 Moving Meditation, we also recommend Tai Chi Awareness.

It is important to realize that the journey with Tai Chi is about learning and understanding how the body moves and reacts to stress. As you learn the movements in the Tai Chi set, you begin to re-align the structure of the bones and tissue, release tension in the tissue, and develop a whole-body movement approach. While watching the videos, you will learn and grow with your knowledge and memory if you try the moves on your own and use the video only as a reference. When you try to watch and move at the same time your muscle memory includes the turn of your head to watch the video, this can confuse long-term memory for movement patterns.

Should you notice a difference in a movement pattern between instructor(s) and/or videos, always give honor to the educator before you. Listen and learn with what they have to offer and provide yourself with the space to grow in your understanding of your body and how it moves.

Tai Chi is a daily self-care practice that continues to provide energy and vitality for daily activities as well as for sound sleep. The more Tai Chi that you participate in, the stronger the cumulative well-being effects that are possible. Engaging daily with Tai Chi and supporting yourself is the best self-care opportunity you can provide. Welcome to our club and we hope you enjoy your time with our classes and activities.