Seated Form

Recognizing that Master Moy  had some students with health issues and limited mobility,  a form of Tai Chi was developed that incorporates the movements of the standing form in a sitting form.  Begun with seated exercises that can also be done in a bed or wheelchair, the movements gradually increase circulation and lymph flow, open the joints and stretch the tendons and ligaments.

Additional exercises to stretch the back and spine are also introduced to begin increasing overall flexibility, balance, coordination and strength.

Recent studies indicate that Tai Chi may help with a range of health problems including Parkinsons, MS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, digestive problems, cancer, injury, asthma. and more.    It can also assist in the rehabilitation from Stroke and joint replacements.

Even though we are sitting, foot ankle and knee exercises are introduced to increase balance and flexibility.  Learn how to get in and out of chairs with ease, climb stairs with strength, turn and bend easily, increase strength, flexibility and coordination.  Optimal spinal turning occurs with the sitting form.

Classes are conducted year round every Friday,  Classes resuming Friday, July 3

9:00 –  10:00 (Beginners)   10:15 -11:30 a.m. (advanced)

at the Sarafanov Ballet Studio, 2109B Louie Drive, West Kelowna.

Join at any time.  Attendance is open to everyone.  Payment is by donation.  Meet new friends!


 “TAI CHI WELLNESS AND THE SEATED FORM SERIES”.  See more information under  WCTC Events

For more information, call Yvonne at 778-755-0987 or email